• Mortgages in Czech republic for non Czech Citizens
  • Mortgage for EU citizens from banks in Czech republic
  • Mortgage for non EU citizens from bank in Czech republic
  • Long term residence, permanent residence in Czech republic and mortgage application


What do we provide:

  • Private loans
    • Loan solution for purchase of property for living
  • Business investition loans
    • Loan solutions for purchase of comercial properties
    • Loans for business investitions
  • Mortgages for expats living in Czech republic
  • We cooperate with almost all banks, insturance companies and other finacial institutions in Czech republic –  cervenakova.cz/financni-instituce



Mortgage loan consultations:

  • 45 minutes free entry consultation 
  • Commuication in english
  • Office in Prague 1


Loan Solutions

  • You´ll receive  solution from almost 20 financial institutions –> you can save your time and in one meeting know all possibilities on Czech market
  • We will help you to go easily through loan application
  • We negotiate the best interest rate and conditions of your loan
  • You ll have support with other necessities connected with your investition
  • We will support you by drawning the loan
  • We cooperate with
    • law
    • tax specialist
    • notary office
    • court translators
    • real estate agencies



If you are not Czech citizen and you are going to buy a property in Czech republic…. Czech banks will allways solve following:

  • long term or permanent residence ?
  • income – employee or enterpreneur ?
  • income of (both employee and enterpreneur) from abroad or from Czech republic ?
  • be ready to have your own resources 20-30 % from purchase price
  • addition: be ready to pay tax (4% fee from purchase price, you pay it 3 months after you become the owner of the property)




  • At Prague center, only 3 minutes from Wenceslav square
  • Kontakt




Arrange your meeting

In case you wish to arrange a meeting,  don´t hesitate and contact us.




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